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I was forced to embrace nursing when I recited the nightingale's oath. Although it may not have been a wholehearted pledge as I mouthed the words without knowing it's meaning, I knew that I am at the point of no return for even if I wanted to shift course, or vanish from the face of earth.. I cannot afford to ignore the fact that part of my dad's retirement dough was sent in order for me to pay my tuition fee on time.

I belong to a middle class family. Not rich, not poor, not anything. So to save lodging fee I lived at a wealthy relatives mansion while I was studying in manila. I lasted for about a year before butting my ass off that crib. I think my poor self was not suitable to live in a mansion that's why.

Among countless bus and jeepney rides I finished nursing as scheduled. The day before my graduation at PICC, all of Kalibo's flight was canceled due to some blasted typhoon.. I spent about 2 hours of self pity since no one is coming to see them hand me over that rolled up bond paper. Then I was okay.

I could not find a decent job since all the "nice hospital" are looking for an experienced staff. I mean how can a newly certified nurse get experience in the first place?.

The day I started nursing practice was a gloomy day for me. Not because I hated doing what I'm about to do but because the place reeked poverty. We have "banig" instead of bed sheets, we boil the syringes cause we have no other choice, patients had to share on one bed cause the hallways are already full.. a child pleading for his father not to die cause they don't have money to buy a casket or even a place to held the wake. My heart was literally bleeding.

I did not wait for me to develop cardiomegaly. I left that place after a year and headed for manila. Again I applied to those hospitals who raised eyebrows on me before. It was a year when most nurses are leaving for London or the US so they had no option but to accept me, otherwise those fat assed supervisors had to answer the call bell themselves. I secured employment for a 12 storey hospital in Quezon City so no more "banigs" and boiled syringes this time. I even had the chance to distinguish how draw sheets and top sheets looked in real life. And to top all that, they put me on Intensive Care assignment O ha!.

After finishing my contract for that high end hospital I left for Saudi Arabia. And after having "sambusa" I went back to the Philippines and decided to try my luck applying for the American dream. In short I failed and went back to the desert to go camel back riding (my hidden desire :p).

I got employed for a 5 star hotel posing as a hospital. We have valet, room service, maid service (that means us!), a fully carpeted building, a spa, a convenience store and every thing else you could think of. The king even visited us.

I wish all Filipino's have the chance to be treated equally.. I mean medically speaking. From my experience you will live longer if you have money, money and money. I will not anymore plead to our leaders to please spend our tax money wisely. I thought you knew it fully well already.

God bless the Philippines.

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i wonder kung kilala mo si manong ko. tatanong ko muna kung may kilala siyang blogger. lols! nurse din kasi yun.

pards pang maala-ala mo kaya toh...proud ako sa mga katulad mo pards,napapnsin ang kakulangan ng buhay sa pinas,kung pagbabasehan maraming magagaling na nurse satin,kaya lang kulang talaga sa suporta at magtyaga ka talaga sa sweldo,ganun buhay naman ang inaasikaso nyo...

i also wish equality for everyone!


anyways, are you now here in pinas???

i hope you'll grab that american dreams of yours

malamang di nya ko kilala kasi ala naman nakaka alam dito na may blog ako.:p medyo secret kasi to since sila ang bida sa ilan sa mga post ko dito hehe.

naku dadaigin ang maalaala mo kaya sa mga dramang nasusubaybayan ko sa hospital na yun.
akala ko nga pang tv lang yung mga ganong kwento pero kahit pala sa totoong buhay nangyayari din... hays..

andito pako ko sa saudi. mamayang 8 pm ang flight ko. sumaglit lang sandali pagsilip sa blog kasi as usual ngayon pa lang ako nag aayos and its 1 am na here.:p

america here I come!! LOL

unfortunately it's hard to enter UK now, 5 years ago it was a different story as they were really desperate (imagine, they even hired me? lol. desperate bastards!)

anyway, Im trying my luck to move to the US.. but sigh... so near yet so far...

good luck to us! :-)

Im still trying to save enough dough to pay those blasted fees.

so near yet so far and so true! hehe.

gusto ko ring maexperience ang camel back riding...sawa na ako sa baka!

Tara karera tayo. Baka sa yo sa kin camel! :p
Hambaea gali kay abou ihanda do eangkuga ay mamahaw ko sa anda sa sabado!

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