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This is Dubai International Airport.From what I've gathered this is not fully finished yet.I don't know how will this look when they're done but presently it looked enormous already.

I had the misfortune of being stucked here for 9 hours last week en route to Manila, since I stupidly neglected to demand a hotel accommodation from the company before leaving Saudi Arabia.and I also don't want to spend my own money for that luxury at that point..

Good thing there were a handful of us who were in the same situation.At least there will be someone to talk to in case I got bored.

After like 2 hours I wanted to smoke but DIA is a non smoking airport according to this annoying pre recorded voice over..It says too that there was a designated place to smoke so i walked a bit hoping to stumble upon it...

And i walked some more...and then some but i cannot find a single smoking area so I finally decided to ask a courteous kabayan "where the hell is this smoking planet whatever they're yakking about if indeed there was one?..."

This lady gaved good directions. She told me to walk some more then ride an elevator down to first floor then go to the next building and ask someone else!.. what?? Later she confessed she really didn't know but thought it was there somewhere... like over the rainbow maybe?

So ok I cannot smoke.Period.

Wherever that smoking area was.. I'm hoping to find it the next time I fly Emirates. I just proceeded to these inviting duty free shops and told myself I am just going to look around and not buy anything.. yes, I am not going to buy anything! but there was this really cute ring I thought would be nice for me and wifey...I was also tempted to buy these big pot of baileys but wait..I am not supposed to buy anything!.

I settled for the ring.. just this time I hoped

The baileys for abou??.. errrr!

While waiting for the gates to open for Manila flight I met two beautiful people whom I thought at first was a couple. I didn't get their names but I enjoyed our conversations. Ms.Kuwait was hoping to board the plane as a chance passenger since she already missed one flight earlier. Mr.USA was a recruitment officer for the US Army I think.

Ms Kuwait:"I wish someone will give me a ring even a not so expensive one"

Me:"I just bought one for wifey!!"

Ms.Kuwait:"Really??.. Oh! how sweet of you!"

Mr.USA:"Before giving her that, give her the One dollar ring first!"

Me/Ms Kuwait:" The one dollar what??!!"

Mr.USA:"Lemme show you..."

"Get down on you knees and give her the one dollar ring first..tell her honey, I cannot afford to give you an expensive gift so I'm giving you a one dollar ring for now. One day when times are better I'm gonna replace that with the shiniest gold and sparkling diamonds at the top..."

Looked like a scene from some crappy movie.

It's a lame joke and a corny story but I bought it..

When I got home I gave both the one dollar and the gold ring to wifey.

I was not on my knees but I was glad I bought her that.

Until now wifey kept on reminding me how happy she was I gave her the ring.

And so we had a happy ending...

and a spectacular "toot"......LOL

Dubai as seen from above
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wow sweetness naman ito...welcome back! :)

i love the ending ! hehe

welcome home, enjoy your stay

kaya ko rin maging sweet di ba?:p
sabi kasi ni wifey masungit daw ako e di naman kaya...

dont we all love happy endings? hehe!
It's so nice to be back..
I soo miss the phils despite the humidity and smog.. and the traffic pa pala!;p

tyaga mo ha. nine hours?! and that ring you bought, your missus is one lucky lady.

maligayang bakasyon...

getting a ticket on time took much effort na e (you know the inshalla attitude of Saudi)so to wait 9 hours was like too easy na..

anyways if I knew earlier there was this marhaba lounge offered there.I might have taken it pero the following day ko na nalaman..grrr!

(marhaba lounge:you pay 25 USD and you get a couch/recliner,a buffet, and a nicer place to stay)

Yung smoking lounge, hindi mo na kailangang manigarilyo. Parang may fog sa loob sa dami ng usok. Hindi mo na kailangang sumindi ng yosi dahil ang nilalanghap mo ay puro usok ng sigarilyo.

dammit where's my bailey's waaaaa

ha ha

ha ha ha..oo nga eh,dito rin katwiran na yang inshalla.

so meron pala talagang smoking lounge grrr..:p

yung baileys mo naging lotion hahaha! pede mo na rin itagay yung ckn2u kaso bitin ka dun... kaw pa.

hays di na yata talaga mawawala yang inshalla na yan.. kaso minsan nakakainis lang na lahat ng trabaho nila pinapasa diyos...

And I thought dito lng yan, na nasastranded ang mga pasahero sa Dubai, usually kasi if we catch Emirates may 8hours stayover pa sa Dubai (pero yun nga lang, free hotel).

Ingat jan sa PInas!

Meron talaga dapat free hotel for me kaso sa pagmamadali ko di ko na naasikaso kaya yon pinahirapan ko lang naman sarili ko..:p

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