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A lot of people were asking me "aren't you excited you're going home?.

I would usually tell them "no" since I have this bad habit of being defensive with my responses but deep inside me there was this thought at the back of my mind that say's... "I LIED!" (complete with Miriam Defensor's evil laugh! Bwahahahaha!).

I will be Philippine bound next week to have my vacation after a year of working here in the Arab soil. It is only now that I've realized how time went swiftly without me noticing it and it felt good.. so damn good!.

Remembering the first time I went abroad was so un-cool. I even went to the point of marking the days on my calendar to daily remind me that I'm going home soon. But that "soon" seemed to take longer than I thought. I felt like I was an inmate waiting for a parole that never seem to come. I was a prisoner of my calendar and.. my room.

That might be the reason why I resigned from that hellhole I called work. I was glad that I have that option unlike Mayor Sanchez whom I hoped was not marking his calendar as well. I tell you.. forget all those Katrina Halili calendars you've collected from supermarkets and donate it to your relatives in the province. They'll have a better use for it I swear..

Now what are the things that could possibly get me a tumultous hard-on? errr excitement!...

well for one I can finally have "tooot" with wifey... after a year of not having one.. Woot! Woot!

------>What I meant was eat pork with wifey and attain nirvana while chumping on an Andok's liempo... (sus SPO hehehe!).

OK OK! fine..I admit I thought of that too!.... A lot!! LOL

I can finally watch movies on the big screen with proper sound and sight effects and not settle for those fake DVD's sold at Al Ballad which offers a variety of comprehensive headaches trying to let you figure out how the author of those godforsaken subtitles arrived to its final script.

I can finally go malling without worrying about those hooded black creatures that walks the runway wearing channel and prada inside their abayas (outer garment). Sooooo... chic!.

I can finally have as many Redhorses I could want and not constantly look behind my back in case someone's checking for alcohol.

but most importantly.

I can be with wifey and my daughter and listen to their constant bickering about what color of cardigan to wear or which perfume suits best.

I can finally hear my daughter tell me again what kind of house did she wanted us to have and could we please move out of this small apartment and build a house in the prairie complete with picket fences?.

These are some of the things I look forward to...

and I'm getting cheesy by the minute.

Now to complete my drama I've included a song which has driven buckets of tears from Martel last year hehehe... It's his emo song when he was about to have his vacation... now the moment is mine! SING IT!!

This is not American Idol.

No one is going home except ME!.

see you soon!
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so ano ang kanta kapag *toot* time na? ha ha

take my breath away... yung ano yung kanta sa topgun! hahaha! wala lang.

sarap mag extend ng bakasyon, pabalik na ako sa khobar ng Oct 17, pauwi ka naman, happy trip at have a safe journey! Miss ko na jeddah... he he

oi thanks. mag extend ka kasi para pasyalan kita dyan sa NE hehe.

happy trip na lang din sa yo!.

im sure nag enjoy ka sobra diyan.

ag dayon gid ra?

haranahon kat ing abi kara ni abou kon nagaka*toot* ka eon.

ag take my breath away gid a.


ingat sila!

samiti eang baea nana! haha!

bang! bang! gid dayon! :p

O hinay-hinay ha. baka pagkain ng pork, I mean.

siyanga pala, magpapadala ako ha. 1 lotion lang. 1 KAHON ng Dove lotion. Ung 400 ml. 400 x 12 pieces. Dadalhin mo sa Aparri. Joke.

Have a wonderful vacation.

cge pa merex mo na lang yung kahon ng dove.pede mo din dagdagan ng galaxy chocolate saka mga ilang bote ng kape.. yung decaf ha. hehe!

wow! ur cumin...i mean coming home! asus baka ma ban ako dito ah...hahaha!

anyway, nice ng blog mo!
have a safe trip back home!

pssst wag ka mag alala tayo tayo lang dito hehe.

salamat sa pagdaan..

Reading your post, naalala ko nung yung parents ko pa ang nasa abroad... eto cguro yung feelings nila.... sa Saudi rin kasi sila matagal nagtrabaho.

Im sure at some point na feel din nila ang ganito like any other OFW in Saudi would...


Thanks for adding me up! I linked you up as well.

At talagang Do la lee land ang description ko? lol.

"the next best thing since slice bread" is too long so ginawa ko do-la lee land..:p cute nga e hehe!

wow enjoy the vacation!!!

i know you would esp. the toot!! haha

"tooot" marathon??


charity begins at home ha ha

you know what i mean ha ha

patay tayo dyan haha.

manago gid ang gani kara! :p

naalin tag hardinero ag hiatus man?

gin unahan na gid ang.

hays... si manong ko {jowawits ko} medyo malapit na din. diyan din siya sa jeddah.

hirap talaga daw buhay ng ofw diyan, sabi ko umuwi na at ako na lang bubuhay sa kanya. lols! sugar mommy?

ako nga pala si jojitah. ;)

hi jojitah ako nga pala si madjik! Lol at may ganun e.

oi salamat sa pagdaan dito.. yung isang curler mo pala nalaglag o...

teka iabot ko lang hihihi!

buti pa si jowawits mo may sugar mommy na. sige pauwiin mo na para masaya! :p

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