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seven years and counting...

if you are cynical..please don't click further!.

but since you are already here,

might as well enjoy the song..

baduy na kung baduy pero gusto ko yang kanta e...

siya nga pala...

happy anniv to me and wifey!..

the first time i saw you
you were standing in the rain
there was something about you
that made me look again
the way that you let the rain fall down on you
the way that you smiled
when your eyes met mine

i"ll always remember
i"ll never forget
how you took my breath away
the first time we met
no matter what happens
no matter what youdo
i"ll always remember
the first time i saw you

now we"re together
still you take me by surprise
little things that you say and do
still new to me each time
the way that you make me feel reminds me of
the very first time
when your eyes met mine

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Shyet! Gusto ko 'yang kantang 'yan! Naalala ko nung college kami, meron kaming recording na kinakanta namin 'yan habang sinasaliwan ng tugtog ng gitara. Ayus!

happy anniversay sa inyo pareko!!

happy anniversary sa inyo

may you have even more years of love and blessings!

happy anniversary! :)

i think it's sweet. no near corny. haha!

hapi aniversary! :)

ang swet swet naman enyo..hihihi

happy anniversary magic!!! galing naman! Magpakaligaya pa kau!

hindi baduy un a. sweet nga e.

happy 7th year anniversary sa yo at sa wifey mo.

saan b ang pakain?

nag swit naman!
gusto kong part dyan yung may
basta yun na yun!

happy anniversary sa inyo!
more years to come..

The Gasoline Dude

Salamat sa pag post ng greetings for us. It really meant a lot and we (me and wifey) appreciate everything that was said here..

I dont know if the song played when i first published this post but i would like to thank toni,yanah,and abou for helping me fix it eventually..

It's really hard to be away and celebrate ones anniversary afar from each other but i was hoping that this little gesture somehow made our anniversary an extra special one despite the distance..

huwaw! hafi aniv sa inyo kuya madjik! long years together pa! :)

nga pala, i tagged you. please read my ten quirks:

Cutter Pilar
Salamat sa pagbati at pag follow ng blog ko Pilar. added you on my roll.

salamat sa tag.. sabi nga ni yanah natatambakan na ako ng tags hehehehe.

Congrats sa inyo ni wifey mo!

congrats! :D

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