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This is a typical sunrise as viewed from the sea wall of New Washington Bay. My bro took this one and i snatched it from his FS profile without asking his permission.LOL! What are families for??

As a kid, the beach has been my favorite playground especially when it is low tide and about 5 in the afternoon. It is because the low tide gives us ample sand space where we could play tag, build sandcastles, or have fist fights when an argument or two builds up.. you know kids.

At midday where the tide is usually up, we would swim like there's no tomorrow .In my case I will not usually stop swimming till I see my mother screaming at the top of her lungs holding on to a piece of the dreaded "walis tingting". I would usually outrun her and avoid her wrath but on those times where i got unlucky, I would tell her to please hit me with the whole bunch and not just one "walis tingting"... I think you knew what it meant to be hit by just one.

I liked the beach whole year round and in all season.I especially liked it when a typhoon hits us cause it will mean the rock formations under the seawall will appear. I don't know if my other friends noticed it but those rock formations are so grand (those at our backyard anyway) i could stay all day hopping from one big rock to another and be like mario minus luigi. Too bad I haven't taken any pictures of those stones... maybe when another typhoon hits us i will ask my brother to take pictures of those too.. or maybe a--o could do it for me since he is an award winning photographer hehehe.

When i moved to Quezon City and followed the working class bandwagon, I still never missed the chance to go home every summer or Christmas or whenever i feel like to be with my friends and my family. I especially remembered one occasion when we were at this seaside karaoke bar and the weather was not so good the tide was already within our feet.. imagine us singing YMCA with ankle deep seawater on the floor!.. wala lang.. i just want to mention it and at the same time want to express how sorry I am for all those seaside bars in Tambak which were washed out by the typhoon frank.

A view of Sunset from Tambak
Photo By Roy G. Escalona

To this day a lot of establishments has sprouted anew in this little town of mine and i couldn't wait to make my rounds along the seawall where miracles happen after 9 months.. and once again enjoy listening to the sound of the waves while i prepare to sleep at night.. or day .

more pictures.
and more features to come.

Welcome to New Washington!

Photo by Jon Albert Cadag
A view from Sampaguita Gardens Resort, New Washington Aklan Philippines
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kaueogot ako gid ro hauna mag comment iya. ulihi ko nga agto sa tambak hay 2 weeks after ku bagyo para mag inom. tapos nagdiretso it sampaguita para mag inom pa gid! syempre hilong ako nga mayad kato ha ha

manami gid abi ro ambiance it tambak para mag emo ha ha

I was broken hearted i went to Tambak to get drunk till i passed out!hehehe!

sunsets are beyond amazing!

Eyyy Madjik...tenkyu for posting my washington indeed is a very nice are a very good writer..if you have time you can check my other site's a collaboration with my creative writer friend who make stories out of my photos..hehe..

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