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Like most people i liked gifts. Be it a simple key chain or an expensive gadget doesn't matter at all. Like they say its the thought that counts.

Last night was another one of those nights when i got really tired from work. I don't usually complain or ask help from anybody if i can do the job alone. I prefer to be alone when it comes to my task at hand and I would rather do even the heaviest lifting than hear you refuse or whine over my asking for your help. Although extra hands are always welcome i am simply not the type who takes rejection lightly.

I know as a habit as soon as they knew that I am going to be on duty they are already calculating how many heavy patients can they put me on to handle. And when I say "heavy" doesn't necessarily mean physically heavy. . Like in most cases, they assign me to patients who has "mental problems" therefore i would be taking care of things imagined by the patient both animate and inanimate. I'm not a psych nurse and I'm not good in psychology but i don't know why i alway's end up with people like these. Maybe they thought since i am sort of mental myself... putting one paranoid patient to another paranoid caregiver is a funny idea. Like maybe we could compare notes?? duh, so lame.

Now, lets go back to the happy news I've been talking about earlier.

A patient gave me a gift.

And i mean not just a gift.

Its a swatch irony.
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now the bastards are sour graping.

and by the way the patient is not mental or anything. Only me this time..
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Hello, I like this blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is not good.
A hug from Portugal

you have a very nice patient!

ang ganda ng gift

@anastacio:Thanks.keep coming back.*wink*

@Alex:Actually he told me not to tell anyone that he gaved me that 2008 irony kasi baka daw sabihin ng iba bakit ako lang binigyan nya, so i just blogged about it na lang hehe.

i sangla na yan!

hmmm i'm seriously considering that option! haha

Are you allowed to receive gifts? Alam ko hindi eh... kaya akin na lang 'yan. *LOLz*

if the gift is this good. Im allowing myself na nyahaha!.

ayos na ayos...suot mo agad para may majik kang makukuha..irony man ka na ngayon..

salamat sa pagdalaw sa pamatayhomesick!

tapos joint force tayo tol. ako si irony man tapos kaw naman si LASTIKMAN! ehehehehe.

salamat din sa pagdalaw!

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