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It happened around August of last year.
It was 7:30pm and i was on my way to linkzone to play my fave MPORG. I stopped by a nearby grocery and beside it was a balut vendor in her usual spot.I bought some lights and as i turned around to go, i saw a man coming out from a taxi with a 38 caliber in one hand.


There were several people around along with me and the balut vendor..I felt a mixture of shock,fear,and confusion following what happened in a rational manner.I wanted to run away the moment i saw that guy coming out with a gun but i wasn't able to.. Stupidly,I was glued to the spot along with the equally terrified vendor.

Moments later one guy was lying facedown on the sidewalk.Blood was pouring out from the head wound but nobody dared to come near him out of fear,.. or in my case i dont really know.. all i wanted was to get away from that scene as fast as i could.. just be away.

A year has passed and i can still remember the eyes of that killer..
Yes, ilooked him in the eye and i regretted doing that.

It was a kind of eye devoid of emotion. No hate,no happiness, an empty eye and it scared the hell out of me..

After that incident,I surprised myself by being cool and still calm. I was never jumpy or paranoid or anything.I guess I was simply numbed.

In fact I havent thought about this till now..

Yes, the man died and I've heared its a drug related issue.

Manang the balut vendor took a leave of absence for a week and resumed business as usual..

Me, i still played my fave MPORG..I was already way behind and i need to level up! tough shit.

Joke Time:
Host:What can you say about the increasing number of violence in Metro Manila?
Contestant:Ikaw talaga sir, gitara nga di ko kaya tugtugin. violins pa kaya?
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natag saot ako sa sonata he he mingko sa baylihan gid ang a

ma gubat ta galing bayli pag uli ko.

request naton dayang music hehehe.

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