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For several day's now. I've been recieving a YM message from a certain agency who made my employment here in Saudi possible. It say's "i need your help, im in a dump".

I ignored those messages hoping it will eventually stop but i was wrong. The messages kept coming almost everyday and it started to get annoying. I answered one of those messages with a "huh?", and whoever was sending those messages replied with "madjik, i need your help FINANCIALLY.. please im in a dump! "(blagag! i fell off the chair).

And as i was fixing myself up i was thinking of some asswipe retort like "hey! same here!" or "if im not in a dump too i wouldnt be working my ass off here" or "who do you think i am? The king of Brunei??"...or..

But i didn't do that, instead i made myself invisible to that person forever in YM history.


The kind side of me (assuming i have that) was thinking maybe that person was indeed "in a dump!" and i don't want to add insult to injury. I was just appalled by the thought that a person can actually have the guts to ask money from someone they hardly know. I mean are they really expecting to get a loan from a stranger?. (even if they did services for me which are paid for.)

Desperate times i know calls for desperate measures but please.. not stupidity.

The amount involved was 100 grand.(like i have it!LOL)
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why is it that i have this sudden urge to YM you.

like im in a dump or something ha ha

restrain yourself please...

im in a dump too!!
utang na loob hehe.

ignore ignore!

baka tsumatsamba lang kung kakagatin mo.

Medyo kilala ko kasi by reference yung name na ginamit sa YM since agency ko sila before kaya di ko agad na block.Saka naguluhan ako sa sinasabi nya na "im in a dump" nung una-di ko sya na gets !hehe kaya ko naman sinagot...

ick scary. maybe he was playing on the 'utang na loob' card? pero grabe naman, that's not a small amount man.

Kumita din naman sila sa akin e so for me, "utang na loob" is a minor issue.. Thanks nga pala for dropping by.. Wink!

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