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I woke up early and i decided to abuse the free internet offered at the hospital where i work. The first library i went to was closed. No explanations, no nothing-mafi!. So i told myself "the other" library might just be open by now... Hmmmm.. So off i walked towards the entrance where this second library was located.

It was indeed OPEN with no-occupants-in-any-terminals to boot!.It's my lucky day!
I was so thrilled realizing that my trip was not a waste of time after all.

After about 15 minutes of unadulterated surfing, i felt the need to void so i went to a nearby restroom. After finishing the task i hurriedly went back to the library..

It was CLOSED! packing sheet!.... The librarian must have taken her break, or went to do her prayers, or maybe went somewhere to watch NOOR (a turkish-soap-dubbed-in-arabic) which everyone seems to like, be it an arab who understood the words, or a filipino who doesn't..

(i liked the theme song btw hahaha!)

this is a sample of the opening song from NOOR:

This is the shortest clip i could find and yes, tumitili din po ang mga babae dito even in saudi.

Since both libraries closed on me I suddenly found myself in a position where i have nothing else to do. So i thought why not go to a grocery store?? Hmm.. sounds tempting in spite of the heat that i will have to endure since i dont have a car to get me there..

On automotion i walked my way to this mall 3 blocks from the hospital with sweaty armpits and balls.

That's when i realized i dont really have anything to buy in particular. Stupid.Stupid.Stupid.

I even told abou about it on mobile ym and of course he laughed at me.Stupid.Stu..

I decided to take discreet pictures of the store since taking public picture's is not allowed here in saudi arabia (Not unless in mutual agreement) Here are some of it.




For a guy who plans to buy NOTHING.. I spent around 100 Riyal (around 1 grand++ in the philippines) for some forgettable items with free gifts... and take note i bought those things because of the gifts!!...

for all the marketing people out there who cleverly came up with this "gift" idea, i tell you guys, this one gimmick of your's is so effective i had to flog myself later because of regret.
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may maeain ka nga gina balak sa baeakean ngaron no?

may tama ka! may hidden motive gid man ang pag buoe it mga piktyur ngaron...

galing postponed anay.

wa pa ko ready mag part ways sa ang head hehehe.

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