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Ito ang mantra ko pag napipilitan akong maglinis ng isda.

At an early age.I've learned the art of teleportation(biglang wala) everytime my mom asked someone's help in gutting fish. Although laking dagat naman talaga ako or what you call "taga baybay", gutting fish is one job i hated.

To those who care to know.I came from a small town in the province of Aklan(New Washington). Kumbaga our place is like florida in the states, naks!. "Taga baybay" means from the coastline-and i am it!.

Naturally i should've known this basic task since taga dagat nga ko pero ang totoo, kumain lang ng isda ang alam at gusto ko.

I finished my nursing degree without knowing how to gut fish and when i got here in saudi arabia I found out that most of my colleagues has the same dilemma (Ninoy, hindi ka nag-iisa).Initially, i satisfied myself with fried chicken, beef steak, burgers, sardines, tuna, etc. or basically anything that will avoid my face to face encounter with a live and slimy marine inhabitant.

But the reality is i cannot forever live on frozen dinners, and fat saturated take-out stuff. Aside from the unhealthy side of eating those things (which is a minor point). It is extremely very expensive to be eating out everyday (which is one hell of a major point!). So one fine day i decided to visit fish market here in jeddah..

Due to insistent public demand.I succumed to my friends urging and joined them fish hunting at downtown jeddah. Nakakagulat ang mga binebentang isda dun.You can choose from any category of COLOR, SIZE, SMELL, AND PRESENTATION.

Meron isang matanda sumisigaw "kilo, kamsa riyal!"(5 riyal per kilo!). Ako naman na curious kung bakit ang mura yata ng benta nya, so I decided to check him out... nung makita ko yung 5 riyal per kilo na pinagmamalaki nya, sabi ko sa sarili ko-salamat na lang..

kelangan ko pa kasing pag aralan kung pano magluto at kumain ng pating...

Nakabili ako ng bangus at galunggong..

Ang problema.. pano ko kaya to lilinisin?

I decided to access my memory archive at kunyari nag flashback sa kin ang image ng nanay ko (naka holograph ha)...

Lesson 101:Hawakan ang ulo ng fish then try to pull the gills out.

Lesson 102:If you were successful sasama ang intestines and everything na nasa loob ng fish.

Hindi po ako Successful.

I decided to cut everything in half.
Paborito ko naman ang daing e- so i had daing for 1 month.

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