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At the height of the Hayden Scandal a friend decided to go to Egypt and tour the land of the pyramids.He went out of Saudi without a glitch and played tourist till he dropped.

What could be the end of a happy holiday turned into a nightmare when he was detained at Saudi Immigration for.. dyaraaaannnn.. Pornography!.

While he was checking out his baggage, they found out that he had a laptop with him.

A Saudi officer asked him if that laptop contained any illegal stuff. They told him that if he say's no they will search the laptop and if they find anything funny with it they will send him to jail and be deported after due process.(kung meron mang ganon hehe)

My friend went pale. How could he admit that he had this animated film on his laptop where Snow White was doing nasty stuff to the dwarfs??..Ohh nooo!!...

Since he had no choice for they will surely find it soon enough if he lied.. He confessed he thought he might just have some of those kind inside..

His bargaining argument was that those are not real's just cartoons!! But hey, this is Saudi Arabia they wont even let their women show you their hair.. hello.

My friend panicked.More officers came and they don't even speak passable English to get through to them.

He was lost and he was thinking they lied about some stupid rules they have and they will deport him anyway no matter what.(with 100 whiplash as a freebie to boot!!)

With some help from an Arab friend he was released from detention minus his passport and 500 Saudi Riyal as penalty.

He also had to seek help from the Hospital Administration where we work and luckily for him..his case was dismissed.

His passport was returned with a vow never again to have porn on his laptop.(Or be dumb enough not to erase them before leaving somewhere)

Now all is well.. they lived happily ever after.....

Or so I thought.

Just a couple of weeks ago a Filipina was caught in the same situation..(Shame! Shame!)

She was coming back to work from the Philippines when immigration picked her up for possessing a juicy DVD collection fresh from Avenida Avenue. (like she didn't know it's not allowed to bring stuff like that in here! tsk tsk).

Her bargaining argument???

Shes supposed to give it to a friend as a gift!!

Now that's what i call.. lame..


Giling na nga lang!!!!

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Hehehe :D Pag napunta ako jan dapat erase erase muna at marami akong files sa laptop lolzz

haha! ayan kasi... dapat nagbubura nga mga porn pag pupunta sa saudi. ahaha!

very funny post.

at kamusta naman si snow white? hahaha~

buti na lang hindi masyadong mahigpit dito sa uae kaysa jan sa saudi kaya pwedeng pwede..hehehe...lolz

A friend who just went home had to reformat his laptop just be sure na walang latak na matitira hehehe.

It could have been because kasagsagan ng mga video scandal nun kaya siguro nila naisipang manghalungkat.. usually di sila ganon kahigpit e especially dito sa Jeddah.

ah that's true. I passed over Dubai nung bakasyon ko and nobody bothered to check my lappy.^_^

oh dear, how about my photos na naka two piece, nasa laptop ko yun? ma fine din ako?????

The saudi people do not have a sense of humor.


I will not go to saudi just for that.

ps, the code of this comment is: _urat! sus, nakikisali, haha

may nagtimbre siguro...kaya naghalungkat...kaya nga nung sabi na papuntahin ako sa saudi para sa bagong project.di ako pumayag kasi 3 days lang tapos ang haba pa ng buhok ko.bawal din kasi ang long hair.

Personal photos are okay basta ba not pornographic in nature. Usually what they do daw when searching was use the search function of your pc then type some carefully selected tags and voila!!.

di nga? yun talaga ang code?? hahahaha!

No Ever hindi bawal ang long hair sa Saudi. A lot of Arab guys has long hair.Ang pagkaka alam ko you could either have your hair trimmed semi kalbo style or sport it long and it's acceptable.

Gaano na ba katagal dito yang mga kasamahan mo? Kung matagal na, ito lang ang masasabi ko - Ang e-engot nila! : )

hindi ko talaga pinangarap ang saudi kasi may tatlo ako pinsan galing jan... sa mga story pa lang nila... nakakatakot...

pero di ako mag sunog ng tulay baka magising na lang ako nasa Saudi.. na ako at least may panuntunan na ako tulad nitong istorya mo bai...

saan ba mas nakakatakot saudi Iraq? hahahha...

ganyan din ba sa Dubai? nung pumunta kasi ako dito eh via Dubai. May mags ako sa backpack ko, pero di nakita nung sinearch nung muslim.

Welcome back! To us!

This is the first time I've revisited you. Exciting. Kaya hahabaan ko ang comment. Hehehe....

Ewan ko naman kung bakit kailangan pang pagtaguan ang laptop ng mga smuts when the fact is you can erase it and download it later from thousands of free sites that offer smuts.

Bakit kasi naman ang mga Pinoy, sobrang malili...malilinis naman e hindi pa linisin pati ang laptop bago bumiyahe...hehehehe.

uu nakakakaba pag galing ng pinas and punta ng mideast!.. pero hi-tech na ngayon ah..nadodownload na iyong mga ganyang "steamy" stuff.

rgds bro.

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