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Sunny is one guy other's envied.

He was born into a well connected family and has always gotten everything he ever wanted since he was a boy.

With me growing up at the same neighborhood where he was, I saw Sunny as someones definition of being "cool".

He attracts people in droves and was always visited by equally "cool" people in town.

He got high marks on the local university where he goes and was even named valedictorian of his class.

He drove a fancy car and went to a hi-end university in Manila to study law.

One summer I was back home we got to be on the same party of a mutual friend. We got along fine and it became the start of a budding friendship which we had.

I was right. He was indeed cool and I learned a lot from him just by talking.

He would go on about his views on political issues,latest gadgets, courtships, his music preferences and as always he made perfect sense.

He was like my idol and I was glad I had him as a friend.

But there was one flaw on his almost perfect persona.

He goes wild when he's drunk.

One moment when he's sober he could be the most charming person you'd ever met and you would even think that his personality bordered on being shy.

But once he got a drop more than he should, he becomes a totally different person that any mother would be ashamed of.

For sometime that his outbursts became frequent (since he loved to drink), there are few of us loyal friends who extended our patience.

At some point I believed he knew what he was doing all along and I just couldn't accept the fact that he could be so brutal not only to all other people around him but most especially to us, his friends.

Then one day none of his friends bothered to call upon him.

Sunny was left alone.

For several years that I left town I heared less about Sunny and his escapades.

I would hear bits of news about his outburst and I couldn't help but feel sadly for him.

He was after all my idol.

A person I had known to be intelligent,witty,funny.. not some bum that people are making fun of now.

It saddens me to see him waste his life away.

It saddens me that people are afraid to be near him (and that includes me) out of fear that you might hurt them.

We wanted to help you Sunny.

We really do..

Me and all other friends who once stood by you.

But we need you to help yourself first.

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I've met a few Sunnys in my elementary and HS years. They wasted away their talents and inteligence because they were raised in comfort. Sadly they think those things wouldn't last.

di ko alam kung anong magic kung bakit nagbabago ang attidude ng isang tao pag nakainom. napakaraming Sunny sa buhay natin. May kilala rin akong ganyan kaya iniwasan rin ng tao.

Maswerte pa rin si Sunny. Because he has Madjik on his side.

May lungkot sa mga posts mo: Joy, Roma and now Sunny. Dr Phil, ikaw ba yan?

@ nebz: lol.

i lab your posts like dis sir madjik. it's hard to see our friends lose their way because of vices. my bestfriend did this to me, up to a point na hindi ko na sya kilala. she was completely different pag nakakainom, it's like i don't know her anymore. i've tried talking to her about it. binabago nya pero after a while, pag nakakaligtaan ganon nanaman. i dunno na. hindi ko sya kayang sabayan.

tama yung sabi mo. gusto ko syang tulungan pero pano mo tutulungan ang taong ayaw magpapigil?

pero like you, andito lang din ako sa likod nya pag kailangan nya ko. the best we can do is to pray for them so they could be well. maguide sila sa tamang decisions.

meron din akong "sunny" sa buhay ko.. my half bro, as much as i wanted to help him... i cant.. i have my own life to deal with rioght now.. and like what u said, in order for others to help him, he needs to help himself first... sadly, i visited him him 2 days after getting back at mas worst pa sya ngaun kesa dati.. but what can i do? i can only pray for him ...

i feel his pain... i feel yours...

Too many opportunities lost - broken relationships, shattered dreams, wounded lives...etcetera.

A lot of Sunnys are out there who need Madjiks in their lives to continually support them...but for how long?

At the end of the day, the Sunnys will have to choose from either life or death!

seemed like there are many cute bloggers in philipines.. hehe

you have a lovely blog here.. happened to surf into it

invite you to my blog too

Ganun talaga.../.

Maraming taong ganyan...

Marami na akong nakilalang ganyan...

Naging ganyan na rin ako...

Happy Easter, Madjik!

You're a bit emo today Mr MAjik?

This sunny, is he still sunny? Coz with all those glooms and booms maybe he changed his name to rainy? or snowy?

I also had an idol.. but he committed suicide.

He's an idol....

But that doesnt mean I have to follow everything.

I only liked his hair. xxx ba si sunny? nyahahaha!!! the last time the two of us had a "normal" get together was at a girlie bar somewhere in monumento 48 years ago. he was the promising law student then...

so sad what's happening with his life today.

happy mother's day kay Mrs Madjik!

kala ko ba March on...?

saddest part is. . . it's very rare we see someone like sunny who can stand up again and pick up the pieces of what's left him. we have a "sunny" in the family and no matter how i pretend not to look at him, still i can't escape the pain because this person is someone i care about.

hmmm.. madmaing sunny sa lipunana natin.


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