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Tweak Marathon

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I liked tweaking my gadgets including whats down there! on my spare time. Now that I'm having my vacation allowed me unlimited tweaking time!!.
Like they say..It's happy hour!!.


I was able to accomplish some good improvements on my lappy and cp softwares but I was also able to crash my cellphones OS a number of times already.

Good thing I have a buddy called "goggle" who never failed to provide all the necessary answers for me in case i needed one for the nth time.


I started with a black theme. It has undergone several virtual surgeries and now voila! its bleached white. I also had a two column layout before until I decided to butcher my HTML codes again and morphed it into a three headed entity.

Now Ive been seeing these four columned layouts but I think I'l need to pass for now, but who knows? it might turn into one someday.


My header is another issue. I didn't know how to make one so I first opted for a lowgrade,inferior,un-enhanced,mobile clicked photo as my header.

Of course it was really bad and a friend cruelly pointed it out for me so from then on I made use of the 3d generator and a series of these creations was seen from this site.

The latest one came from photoshop but from the looks of it I know It might've came from MS word as abou pointed out but I loved that black header so Im keeping it. MS word made or not


Like a true blue noob, I used to hoared widgets and put everything on my site.

Not until someone complained that my site took ages to load, some widgets are kept on hold or terminated.But looking at my site now, I still feel it's cluttered so I think more widget massacre will happen.


Looking at other blogs I saw constant changes happening at thier layouts too so I think I'm not the only one guilty of this pleasure.

When Nebz accidentally deleted his blog I layed off my layouts for sometime but hell I missed the thrill!! So once again I'm buzy tweaking whatever came handy!.

Like I said its happy hour so wish me luck!!.


This ones my lame attempt at Photoshop.
18 commented:

i love tweaking my site too! hehe! especially back when i was still new to blogging..ahehe! adik din ako sa paglalagay ng mga widgets at paggawa ng headers...ahehe!

have a nice weekend :)

obvious na di ka busy ah..hahaha! yeah do that make the most out of ur vacation.
kalikot lang kalikot! *wink

i havent changed my header since time immemorial. default pa rin.

hay ham-an uwa eon it sonata iya? sawsaw lang he he

ewan ko ba in times when my layout looked fine..guguluhin ko yon then Il spend hours para gawin uli hehehe.

hmmm parang ibang "kalikot" yung mini mean mo ah hahaha!

oi matulog ka naman.. ang wrinkles! :p

and since gin mention mo do sonata medyo gusto ko gid a palisdan kat uman!! ibutang ko gid a ra!! tag multiple tracks gid para mabuhay mag load bwahaha!

a ganon sawsaw eang nga sawsaw

sigurado uwa ka gakaon kon ga kalikot ka nin blog.

uwa pa ako it photoshop 'til now.

bisan pila pa ka sonta ang ibutang iya di ako apektado. hehehe..


pag download eon it ps george masadya imaw! hehe

sayod ko di ka ma apektuhan sa mga sonata ko ay naka dual core ultra powered laptop ka gid ing! Di kana maabot! :p

Geez, finally i'm back here kulang kasi ng s yung link mo sa tagboard ko, hehe anyways...

Your even a tech savvy?!?! Hehe xD or sadyang di lang mapakale? ;)

excited ako sa sonata ha ha pwede mag request? high school life ni sharon cuneta ha ha

bakit kailangan ibang dialect? sikreto ba?

nakikisawsaw din...

both:techie and di mapakali:p

my bad:url ko na lang typo pa haha.

anyway thanks for finding your way back here..

medyo indi ko eot a pagbutangan da it sonata agud uwa ka it reason nga indi mag agto ya sa ang blog hahaha!

pag dialect ang gamit ko usually off topic hahaha. anyway just mack me pag need ng translation :p

mr google has always been my life saver. hehe. :)

yeah pano na lang kung wala si google no?:p

pwede gapa abo eang ako it comment? ha ha

uwa ako it naubra, natak an ako, natamaran man ako mag basa it mga blog, nga acutally uwa ko man ginabasa ha ha

ang dami mahilig mag tweak!

i'd like to do that "read more" thing, i saw a tutorial about it, but i failed...

ang hirap niya

do you have a tutorial abou it?

ahaha sigeha eang ab agud medyo abo gid a mana nga ga kumentar iya sa ang baeay.

medyo nakaka duling nga to but it worked for me. just follow the instructions from this link:

goodluck alex..:p

thanks for the link!

welcome! :p

if you need more help just ask me sa ym. I just tweaked my read me option and now its peak a boo na.

hope it works for your layout.

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