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Today I decided to complete an almost impossible task of cleaning our room. I had been planning to start it the first time I was back here but looking at all those kiddie meal toys amassed by my daughter for almost half a decade,I was barraged by self doubt if I could even start this task, let alone finish it. Adding to the list of my target victims are these cute teddy's that could fill Toy Kingdom's entire stuffed section.Of course I had to have a foolproof stealth strategy in case my daughter decided to be a snoop and asked me "Daddy, what the hell are you doing?.

We are all lovers of paper. my wife liked to cut things up and make a collage out of anything "paste-able". She would also buy all sorts of beads and buttons that she would make a trinket from, most of which are left lying everywhere adding to the pile of debris to our ever mounting treasure box called "apartment".

And how about those rags that wifey makes bags from?,and the evolution of footwear that we own?,the lovingly kept baby clothes,all those review materials I had,the boxes after boxes of God knows whats inside makes me want to surrender the instant I thought about what I'm proposing myself to accomplish.. whew!

And to think I still have time to blog about it!

wish me luck....

let me just quote ponchong before signing off..

according to him. "oiliness is next to ugliness"


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checked you're profile..hehehe! im sorry. maxado lang assuming medjik sounded feminine. but i checked you profile already... so you're in jeddah...haley's mother works there as a nurse too. were all nurses! hahaha!

wow..artistic pala si wifey. looks like a cool family.

i agree with ponchong! too much oiliness causes acne! hehehe!

have a nice day, cool dad.

no sweat dude. madjik indeed sounds fagsy haha.

sabi ko nga kay george my face had too much oil since I live in a land overflowing with one..

Im here in the philippines having my vacation pala.

salamat sa linkback... mate!.:p

how's the vacation so far???

It was great.I had a drink too much and totally forgotten that a hang over is something I previously swore not to get myself into again..

and I was able to watch movies on a real theater.. what a treat!! :p

Goodluck sa cleaning spree! Got a hard time also throwing away some old notes while I was back home... pack rat ba! Enjoy your vacation!

yun talaga mahirap itapon yung mga old notes na as if naman babasahin mo pa sa dami ng choices later hehehe.

anyway di ko rin natapos yung clean up ko..

sa next manic attack na lang siguro.:p

wow sipag! elibs naman ako...ur being a responsible father and husband...

san na ba yung ibang katulad mo?? may ganun?? joke


Wow, daming maduduming items sa kwartong iyan.. klaya pala MR Clean , hehehe

I'm a new blogeer, visit my blog ang suggest/comment something

haaay... I need to start cleaning our apartment na.

maybe later... maybe tomorrow... lol.

toink! Toni G kaw ba yan? hehehe
at may ganun talaga eno?

Eagle Eyed:
Salamat sa pagdaan! I'l visit you soon..

not just yet KJ!unless you want a trip down memory lane hehehe

make it indefinitely later na lang..:p pag unbearable na talaga ang cobwebs LOL.

Yeah, but santa might get lost and wont give me my presents. lol.

at least hay may naretain sa painu-ino.

three days eon gali ang post ngara feeling ko't a hay matsa panis eon ang comment.

sana nagsabi ka kaagad na maglilinis ka. makapagpart time sana ng makatikim man lang ng dolyares.

santa can have your presents fed ex-ed to you..:p

na retain gid lang ay gin hambae mo nga maeaw ay ang face hahaha!

mayad gani imo nga post hay 3 days old eang.. tag ay haning abou ta gani hay medyo 10 years na yata! hehe

dolyares kada.. riyales gani! riyales!!.:p

hahaha! ang dami ngang langis dyan! hehehe! sure, mate :)

that's so true kaya nga mas mahal ang tubig don kesa sa gasolina! hehe..

ba't nga ba tayong Pinoy ay hoarders...este, masinop pala. good luck sa paglilinis. masarap n trabaho yan. ung habang kinakalkal mo ung mga gamit e maraming past memories ang sumasagi sa isip mo. parang ganun.

enjoy the rest of your vacation! ako naman ang magbabakasyon sa Pasko! yehey!

sa sobrang sinop nga e nagmumukha nang dumpsite yung room namin.:p

Buti kapa pasko uwi mo dito..

ako pabalik na sa 26 waaa.

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