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I Wander @Club Dredd

Last Saturday night me and wifey went to a couple of shows which afforded us visual treats and partial hearing loss.

A free ticket is a free ticket so off we went to Paranaque and we watched this show called "WANDERS" at PAGCOR Grand Theater. We had a front seat so we had a spectacular view of those skimpy clad dancers acrobatics, and boy what a visual treat it really was!.

As usual we came late to the venue.Good thing they let us in even if the show has already started. Admittedly my knowledge about this fiasco is next to zero so when I first looked at those Chinese/Korean looking guys on stage doing circus stuff, I thought I was witnessing a stage version of Crouching Tiger but hey.. someone has spoken Tagalog! and was it Calvin Millado Calvin who? doing Ricky Martin? errr.

The show was done with fast faced performances and a live band served as background. All in all it was a great show especially for the kids. I liked the drum sequence of Maneuvers and the Russian Babes were! exotic!.

We went straight to Eastwood after our stint at Paranaque.It was already 11PM and I thought we were running late for Riki's ear splitting set, but surprise! the show hasn't even started yet. Well since we also haven't had dinner yet we filled our stomachs with some cheese fries and pizza ala dredd... but something really bothered me suddenly.. I remembered I forgot to bring. EAR MUFFS! LOL.

eardrums check-within normal hearing

The show started with stereo-what'sthatnameagain? band and a series of punk rock renditions were heared. Wifey was already complaining about the loud speakers but hey, the place was so cramped we might as well get the hell out of that place! but were here to support Riki remember? we tried our best to enjoy "the cures-boys don't cry".

Next on stage was one of Riki's many Band called Chardonnay! Applause! Applause!.

They had a brand new girl with a foreign!

She also sang barefooted!.

enough said hahaha!.I liked the original tagalog song by the way,forgot the title but it speaks about "kabet" if I recalled correctly!

eardrums check-mildly blasted

Then came Mayonnaise.Don't know much about this band other than they already had an album and has gained airplay on mainstream radio. Later on I goggled that they've won this RedHorse Muziklaban back in 2004 and has released several albums and singles.

I had to admit they were rather very good.Three kids formed the band and they played solid music. I especially enjoyed their tagalog originals and has gained my respect as a groupie.

eardrums check-partially deaf

We decided to pay our bill and head out of that pressure chamber but the waiter took a long time so we were able to watch the final band called "Hoods Of Nature?"not sure again. At first I thought this was yet another scream-at-me-till-your-lungs-burst band but surprise again..this band can really do a tune. The one that stood out was the drummer/percussionist who had his own set of drums and was using one drumstick. Though that dreadlocks of that boy on vocals deserve Helen of Troys scissors!or was it a dagger?.whatever.

Finally the bills were paid and we had fresh morning ai

eardrums check-blasted to oblivion

(L-R Chardonnay/Mayonnaise/Hoods of nature/Stereo...)
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ako una? ha ha

videoblogger na ba u? and oh u now review shows, how amazing!

ha ha

huo ikaw una ag ham an??? why? keif?.

not a bad idea if the video was mine bu i just stole it from you tube haha!

Ako ang ika duha?

anyway, til when ka sa Pinas Mr Majik? Dami pang activities for sure....

I miss my aguinaldo masses... sigh...

till next week na lang ako dito then back to regular programming na uli hehehe.

Il be missing those masses too.

OMG! id love to watch this performance!!!!! take care amigo!!!

wow gusto ko ring makapanuod ng ganyan...cooohhhhl...

sunny at dudung:

uu nga its really something to watch out for lalo nat more than 50% of the cast are filipinos.

elib talaga ako sa pinoy,kala ko, chinese lang yung nagpalabas..

pards nakapasyal nako sa blog ng utol mo..grabe pards,talentadong komiks artist ang utol ang siste aral sya sa dibuho ni vincent kua(isa sa mga hinahangaan ko nun)

kala ko din nga nung una chinese circus hehehe.

salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ng kuya ko. may talent talaga yun sa drawing drawing! :p

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