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My daughter wanted to watch Madagascar so off we went to d block to have her treat.

I like to move it move it.. I like to move it move it..

As we were about to catch a cab on our way home I saw this familiar face having a coffee at seattle with an equally familiar face..

I couldnt believe it was Riki and Paula sitting there so I told Wifey and Daughter to go ahead without me and off i went to have a chat with my long lost friends.

It was like "cream days" once more and I had to admit I missed these guys immensely.

We were all part of a local provincial band called CREAM back in 2002. I was the first one who left for another band back then but we remained friends and in contact for sometime.When I decided to leave the band scene and pursue nursing I wasn't able to catch up much about what happened to them and as years went by we finally lost touch.

Meeting them now I was happy to know that they are still on the gig scene.Paula does sequencing for a band who performs locally and abroad and are now bound for Thailand for another gig, while Riki does drums for a local band called "milk n money" and "chardonnay" who happens to have a gig this coming nov.15 @clubdredd libis..

That video attached was from "milk n moneys" first album. Riki's not part of the band yet when they released that song since he just recently replaced the old drummer who left. They are in the process of recording a new album as of the moment according to him..

Enough of this! :p

I'm not good at plugging..

Good Luck RIKI and Paula. And btw nice car rik!.

This post is my tribute to us cream hearted forever!.

16 commented:

sin-o du lead singer?

tao gani kung sin o to? deds eot a baea hehehehe!.

waaaaaa! astig ka naman pala eh! ROCKSTAR DAD! wheeew! ano instrument mo sa band? or are you he lead singer? hehehe

lumipat ka? wow...prang rico blanco!

peace out!

naku bandang potpot lang po kami.
songer po ako dati...
dati po ok! hehe..

uu lumipat..
parang Arnel Pineda!! naknam! haha


pengeng autograf!

seriously, it's nice to see old friends, esp na hindi planned no?

Kami ni McCain at Palin may reunion din bukas.

Ive been planning to meet up with them for sometime pero lagi di available yung isa or me conflict...

kakatuwa lang sa meeting namin was color coordinated yung suot naming tatlo hehe. as if me gig .. hays.

Hallew, just droppin' by xD, nice post here as well as yer blog too!

nice seeing you here dazed! :p

will visit you as soon as I can.


super talented ka pala eh...
humble ka pa dyan...
so asan na nga yung ibang katulad mo? (yay may ganun!) hahaha joke

talentado po saka bibo po me! hehe

di yata bagay yung super talented kinikilabutan ako ! :p

sos nagsalita.. if I know madami nagkakandarapa sa yo!LOL at may ganun eno?.

danda naman ng awitin!...galing pards!..ngayon palang papatok yan satin.simple pero rock!

actually a year ago pa yata na release tong single nila.. nagkaroon din yata ng airplay but not much.

ulihi ako comment? he he

hoy ginbasa ko anay bago nag comment ha he he

mag singing nurse ka lang abi he he

saeamat gid a sa pagbasa bisan wat pueos!! hm if I know nakisawsaw ka malang sa istorya sa comments!! hahaha!

napasayaw ako sa i love to move it move it. hehe.

kakatuwa yung movie actually..
panoorin nyo.. :P

i like to...MOVE IT!!!

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