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Few days back i received an invite for a beach outing from an equally bored

According to him it will be at durat al arous north side of Jeddah.
This place I've heared houses some really nice beach resorts so I immediately told him to count me in. There was a problem though.
The bus service will leave at 7pm and i have a scheduled duty that gimmick day till 8pm.. ouch!.

So with a heavy heart i told them that I wouldn't be able to make it after all.. sighs!.

Durat Al Arous, North Obhor Jeddah KSA

But maybe due the the fact that this outing will not be an exciting one without me(sus!) Gerry the organizer convinced Remus the angel to handle my herds 2 hours prior to my end of shift so that I could come on time and be the life of the party later! LOL!.

We exude excitement while on transit. It's as if were on our way to bora or somewhere equally fun. This is the first time that someone took charge and organized an outing specifically intended for us bored house peeps so everyone was so thrilled.

I always love travelling at night and Jeddah at night is something to watch out for. There even was this mall called Mall Of Arabia which we passed by. That's MOA in Jeddah!. Dunno who came up with the acronym first though..

The JOLOGS behind THE BUS (They will kill me for posting this!)LOL!

The excitement lasted for quite awhile till our Saudi friend Majed announced that the resort were supposed to go canceled our reservation out of the blue saying some bullshit alibis.. but since we are already on our way we decided to push with the plan and look for a suitable resort once we get to Durat . Majed also promised to help us find one with profound apologies for what happened since its his friend who owns that resort and who ditched us big time.

On convoy we reached north obhor and proceeded to the first prospect the SEA WAVE RESORT. Its a decent looking resort featuring a pool overlooking the beach like that picture above. And while Majed was negotiating with the price we made ourselves busy cam whoring.

Banjo and the pakistani driver Riyadh ( ang sweet! haha!)

The price of our stay will be 1k riyal which was expensive really and Majed was thinking of the same thing so he said we will look further for a cheaper but equally nice place. It was already getting late and all of us are hungry now but getting a bigger discount seemed more important to most of us since we are way out of our budget already.. but honestly if you were to ask me that time I would've agreed to that price since I'm already beat from duty and all i wanted was to eat and dip on the pool or beach or even the tub.

Since I don't want to be a spoiler for the "kuripots" I kept my mouth shut and off we went to another place,then another, and I already lost count.. after like half an hour we came to this place where according to our guide was "a nice and cheaper place". Looking at it, it was indeed promising and we all decided that this is finally it. As we were about to go off the bus someone suddenly said stop!. Oh no! what is it again this time??.. I am so hungry I could eat a camel for all i care then what NOW?..

"I'm sorry but this resort is for families only!" was the explanation given to us why we are not allowed to enter this resort. It means that there should be a legitimate couple with us and could provide them with a marriage certificate.

We are all boys. No couple. No certificate. NO ENTRY! Arrrrgggh!.

So I told them why not come back to that expensive resort we first went to?. It's the only logical choice we have so off we went back to SEA WAVE.

"Were sorry but the place was already taken!" waaaaaaaaa!..

We had to force ourselves to smile

We were doomed. We have no place to go. Not even a tent to build.

Majed was full of apologies once more saying he will come up with something even if he turned up late for his flight to London later that night. According to him he knows a place nearby where we could stay. He warned us its not the best of places but it has a pool and a nice room to sleep. For me I don't care anymore just as long as we have a place to stay.

Majed's words was the understatement of the year. Yes the place was not presentable and I had to say I'm not hoping for the Ramada Ambiance but I didn't expected it to be such a wreck... Well we could actually find a better place if only we have the bus for ourselves the whole night but the driver was already getting grouchy by the minute claiming his boss has been calling him asking what's taking him so long. We had no choice but to accept the wreck called... No its not called anything. There's not even a sign that says what it is... So from now on I'm baptizing it "The Wreck".

It's a big place with bad landscaping. There's a volleyball court in front, a mini football field at the right side, table tennis at the left and a swimming pool at the back. Sounds cozy right?. But imagine that place after 10 years without maintenance and that's how the wreck looked like. The room looked like a theme park with several scattered Arabian couches that has seen better days. What attracted my attention was these plastic leafy decors they put on the ceiling like the ones you see in pubs along "avenida" or "carinderias" along north harbor.

I thought they hired someone from SM home world who's specialty was Christmas decor or something.

Now its time to eat. Good thing about this outing was that we were prepared on that area. We had lots of food, so much we had to bring back home some foods uncooked.

We bought KABSA Chicken and rice as dinner.Good thing we don't have to cook JUST YET!

Since the situation was totally unexpected we were not able to bring any form of entertainment with us since we were expecting the resort will provide it. So we had no other option but to hit the pool and enjoy each others company. We might as well enjoy the place since we are still paying a lot for this wreck.

A change of scene was what I needed and though what we had was far from what we imagined, going to the wreck was still a nice deviation from the mundane life of work and housing accommodations. We are planning to go back to the real beach front of Jeddah next month and I couldn't wait for that day to come. I just hope Its not going to be another wreck weekend at Durat Al Arous.

at the WRECKS poolside

*3 months and i got a PR 2.
Thanks everyone for visiting this blog!
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